It comes directly from TELOGREIKA, the jackets made to protect the military from the cold. As it happens, sometimes history positively relates to dark years, (so as not to say red), and to a brighter future.

The Telogreika were made like a down jacket with wool-padded, cotton tubular structures, mounted vertically in a rib design. They were functional jackets made with simple materials and are at the origin of rustic garments. They represented the contour of harsh weather countries, especially great Russia.




KORIASKI, long jacket for Men



long jacket for Men


long jacket for Women

KIKA, Telogreika for women



Telogreika for women


long Telogreika for women


Telogreika for Men



Wool does not retain dust and is clean by nature. It is easily dyed and can be woven in very thin layers for the summer collections.

Purchasing wool:

We chose Lavalan, a specialized manufacturer of pure wool for technical clothing. This company uses proven processes for a variety of weights, meeting the needs of all of our collections ranging from -10 ° to -40 ° and more if necessary. Lavalan’s purchased wool has complete traceability throughout Europe and right up to the foothills of the Altai mountain range in Russia.
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Where does our warm wool come from?
Sheep :
Sheep are the inventors of built in air conditioning. Their only flaw lies in their upkeep, which requires the intervention of man. If sheep had not come across man’s hair trimmer, would they have survived?

The phenomenon of this fusion between man and animal is what began our journey of 100% pure wool garments. This special bond is what motivated us to produce our line, using sheep and camel, or yak for the more extreme pieces. Wool

It is the oldest, natural, animal material transformed by man. Pieces of felted wool were found in Mongolia, dating over 2,500 years. Its insulating properties are exceptionally wide, and has unlimited transformation possibilities. Whether it’s protective panels for yourts, Valenki boots or knitted wool in all its forms, wool remains a living material.



Our story

The name De Bachmakov dates back to the Russia of the Tsars and from an adventurous grandfather who was also a rebel and a non conformer. He was a world traveler who stopped speaking Russian, as according to him, Russia disappeared with the revolution. Ennobled by the Tsars in 1662, the family has thrived until today, thanks to some coincidental events of history.

“My grandfather travelled cross country in Russia, but also around the world, which at the time was quite unique and dangerous. My great uncle, Alexandre Bachmakov was also somewhat of an adventurer, living as a seasoned mountain dweller as well as a renowned intellectual.

The 3 dates that I placed under our logo are landmarks in our family’s history – a far away past, the fracture, and its regeneration 100 years later.”

Thierry de Baschmakoff has indeed inherited a 100% Russian name, but he is also Italian by his mother, Swiss by his grandmother and French born by his father… A mild blend of Europe, open to other cultures and giving life to a creative mind who is recognized today in the global luxury market.

As an Artistic Director for major brands, he has created thousands of products. Since 2010, he took a step further by creating his French-Russian luxury, outdoor brand of clothing and accessories, launched in 2017.





De Bachmakov is the global French-Russian luxury outdoor Anti-Fast Fashion brand. It emanates Russian art of living, and is magnified by French know-how through products that are environmentally friendly. Its goal is to allow modern day adventurers to confront extreme conditions pleasingly and with confidence… without leaving prints.




Our commitments

At De Bachmakov, we are activists and committed to three pillars:
– “Harm free” to defend animal rights and fight against cruelty towards them.
– “Freedom Playground” to defend a natural, limitless playground.
– R.E.S.P.E.C.T: Whatever one’s origin, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion and political views, age, or history, De Bachmakov celebrates the richness and blending of cultures. De Bachmakov’s inspiration is found there. The brand and its customers enjoy freedom of expression, creativity, discoveries, shared experiences and they claim their personalities. In the same way De Bachmakov strives to offer a quality work environment for all.

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