Where can I find De Bachmakov products?

Our products are sold at exclusive distributors whose details are given in the ‘Point of sale’ section.

Where are De Bachmakov products made?

All our materials are carefully selected in Italy for textiles and Germany for the wool providing the thermal protection. Our wool supplier guarantees traceability in Europe and proper care for the sheep during shearing.
Manufacturing and assembling are carried out in our factory in Perugia, Italy.

What do the De Bachmakov logo and the dates below it represent?

The logo is a replica of the Bachmakov family coat of arms. The family’s long history is closely tied to the history of Russia.
The first two dates correspond to key periods in the history of the Bachmakov family.
The family was ennobled in 1662, departed for France in 1917, and 2017 is the date the brand was launched.